10 rhetorical devices that will improve your essay writing


As a student or a writer, we always put emphasis on how to improve our writing and make it one of the best pieces we have ever created or written. There are various strategies and techniques used by essay writer to improve the writing and bring coherence and cohesion to our writing. No doubt, giving prime importance to the grammar of the sentences and sentence structure is of vital importance but there is much more than just writing a draft with the correct grammar.



You must be familiar with the different techniques writers employ in their writing and students also to get good grades in their written evaluation. An essay writer is also very careful to use some of the techniques in their writing to give an impression of a well-developed and well-structured essay. One of these strategies is the use of rhetorical devices in essays and other drafts of writing.

Rhetorical devices are commonly found in persuasive writing, speeches, and essays. Even sometimes in our communication, we include some of the rhetorical strategies and devices to make our communication more effective even if we do not know them but we use them during different communication.

Rhetorical devices refer to the words of the phrase that are used in writings to deliver the meanings, to aggravate a response from a reader or a listener, and to convince them during any form of communication be it oral or written. They are also used in writing essays to improve the ideas stated.

These devices are commonly found in the literature and in the essay to describe certain ideas and concepts more effectively. When I Write my essay, I use certain rhetorical devices to improve my essays and writings.

Following are the 10 rhetorical devices that you can use to improve your essay writing.


Amplification is created on a word, phrase, or sentence to intensify the idea you are presenting and create a sense of determination to the listener or the reader.

For example, their family wanted a perfect house in a perfect housing area.

The use and the repetition of perfect in the above example emphasized the importance of both house and housing areas. This is known as amplification.


Alliteration is the use of the consonant sound at the initial position of a word or a phrase. This is done to create an effect of lyricism. It is mostly done in the essay of literature which makes it a very effective

For example: Walking with Walder was my worst experience.

Here in the above example the /w/ consonant is repeated to gain the attention of the audience.


Anadiplosis refers to the use of the identical word or phrase at the start of a sentence as well as the end of a sentence. This strategy is used in writing to take the idea you are presenting to connect it with the other ideas. This is a repetitive approach that allows the audience to follow the path of the writer.


Antanagoge is a bit tricky for novice writers. It is the usage of the positive and negative idea or a concept in one sentence. This is usually applied in the essay where the essay writer presents the problem and the solution in one sentence. This is used for a well-developed and structured formation of sentences and essays as well.


Anacoluthon refers to the introduction of a change in the concepts and ideas that looks unrelated to the sentence or a paragraph in which it is used. This is usually done in the writing to gain the attention of the readers and to add emphasis to what idea you are presenting in a writing.


Apophasis is quite similar to irony, where you say something while your actual intention is to deny it. It is a technical formation of sentences where the readers need to be clever enough to get what you are trying to say.


This is a device used in writing to lessen the effect of saying something hard. It refers to the use of words or phrases that are pleasant but the meaning they convey is unpleasant.


Chiasmus is the rhetorical device which refers to the writers’ change of words or phrases in writing to create a powerful sense of emotion. This is usually done in the essay where the emotional stance and the thoughts of the writers are used in order to convince the audience with what is being said.


Simile is the most common rhetorical device which is used to create a comparison between two similar subjects. They are used to provide a comparable point of regard to familiar or well-known subjects.


Hypophora is very common in the writings. Especially in essays, a writer usually asks from its readers something but then immediately provides the answer himself. Hypophora refers to presenting a question in writing with a providing a response to the question instantly. You might have come across many such examples in the essays you have read.

In the writing process, even if you know many of the rhetorical devices, their usage in the essays can be tricky as well. You can get some help from an essay writing service that will offer you certain services regarding your essays and how to improve.

However, by now you are familiar with 10 rhetorical devices to use in your essay. I hope you will write a better essay now.